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adjectives and adverbs (形容词和副词)

1. 基本用法

She is sad.
a sad girl
It makes me sad.

She cried sadly.
He often comes late.
Mike is often late.
Suddenly he laughed.
He laughed suddenly.
He suddenly laughed.

an early bus
He came early.

a loud noise
He cried loudly.
Please read it aloud.

happy- happily

2. 比较级和最高级

I am tall. He is taller (than me). Li Lei is the tallest of all.  
( large- larger- largest; early- earlier- earliest;   big- bigger- biggest;   good / well - better- best;   bad- worse- worst)

This book is interesting. That book is more interesting ( than this one). The red book is the most interesting ( of all).



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