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Prepositions 介词

 in; on; at; in front of; behind; under; beside; before; after; from; to; for; over; above; by; with; about...

He is at home.
The girl behind me is Anna.
He lives in a small house.
They talked about moving to Beijing.


in China; in July; in spring; in 1992; in the morning; in the morning on July 1
in time


on the table; on Sunday; on weekends; on July 1; on Sunday morning; on the morning of July 1; on time; on the right; on the left


at shool; at the bus stop; at 6:00; at lunch time; at night; at (the age of) six; at work

in front of | behind:  He sits in front of/behind me.
 in the front of: The teacher's desk is in/at the front of the classroom.

under: under the table; children under 18

beside: beside me

before | after: before/after 8:00; the day before yesterday; the day after tommorrow

from | to : come from; go to; from Beijing to Tianjin; from June To October



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