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第一人称:I,we 第二人称:you  第三人称:上述三词以外的所有名词和代词,其中的单数即为第三人称单数,包括:
1.he she it
2.可以被he、she、或 it 指代的所有名词或名词性成分
e.g: she; a desk; L i Lei; Mike; Beijing; some milk; a lot of money


I am a teacher.
He is behind me. The desk is old. Lin Tao is at home. Some milk is OK.
You are 12. They are my sisters. My parents are doctors. The police are after him. Kim and Jim are in Class One.
2.have has
He has a nice car. Mr. Smith has two sons.
I have a sister. They have many houses.
She walks to school. Lily goes to school by bike. It flies fast.
I know it. We want some water.

I can swim. They can swim. He can swim.



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