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Rod Out to the Sea

 Rod loves the sea. He likes to dive into it. Deep down, he hunts fish with a spear gun.
 One day Rod and his friend Joe went fishing.
 “I’m going to swim far out for big fish,” Rod said.
 “Don’t go too far,” Joe said.
 “You might meet a shark!”
 “I’m not afraid,” said Rod.
 Far from land, Rod saw a big fish.
 He dived to spear it. Just then he saw a shark! There was no time to get away. The shark hit Rod hard! It opened its mouth wide. Rod kicked and pushed. But the shark had hold of his arm! Rod hit the shark on its nose. The shark opened its mouth. Rod pulled his arm away. He got his head above water.
 Rod knew the shark would come up for him. He was ready when it came. He put his arms and legs around the shark! Now it could not bite him. The shark dived, with Rod on its back. Down, down they went. As they came up, Rod pushed away from the shark. Just then a boat came between them! The men in it had seen the shark. They pulled Rod into the boat.
 Soon rod was safe on land. A doctor took care of his arm. Then Joe took him home.
 “Are you afraid of sharks now?”asked Joe.
 “Yes!” said Rod.
 “Who wouldn’t be!”



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